No further updates on this website.

Obviously it has been months since I have last updated I am making this post to note the end of the website being updated until further notice, at least until I find another need or want for use of it. The odds are quite slim of me using this website again, if I need a website in the future I will make a new start on a different one and I will of course post it on here if/when the time comes.

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Coming back in February!

Yep that’s right, this month in February I will be coming back but this time, no more of this making 1 video every one or two months, will daily videos! Watch the video above for more info or click here.

EDIT: Well turns out I’m not getting my new computer until May, May 16th at the latest, keep checking back for more information.

By zzman2000

Minecraft Mod Spotlight: CapeCraft (Design Your Own Capes for Minecraft!)

In this Minecraft Spotlight I will be showing the CapeCraft Mod Which lets you make your own cape in a picture editor then upload it to and see it on your steve in Minecraft!

Mods Forum Page:

Official Minecraft Site:

Creators of Minecraft:

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